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São Tomé e Príncipe
We are in the second smallest country in Africa, the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, two enchanting volcanic islands straddling the Equator. Formerly a Portuguese colony, the country gained its independence in 1975. Off conventional tourism routes, it is one of the last undiscovered, pristine paradises.
Dove Siamo
Sao Tome Island
Because it is so good that it does not need the addition of vanilla or any other flavourings.
From choosing and tending the cacao plants to making the chocolate, we do quality control at every step of the production process. As a result of this care and our 30 years of experience, our chocolate offers – finally! – the fresh and intense aromas of newly picked cacao.
Perchè il nostro cioccolato è unico
After years of work, our Nova Moca plantation has become a treasure trove of rare and ancient species and varieties of coffee.
They produce fruits of an extraordinary fragrance but in small quantity. These plants are close to extinction in the world because the high yields of hybrid plants win over their special perfume and quality. We have saved these varieties at Nova Moca, where we tend them with care so they can continue producing their unique and unmistakable aromas.
I nostri caffè
I nostri caffè
A true story from the heart of the Congo to the islands of Sao Tome and Principe to guide you along the discovery of:
"A cacao unlike any other...", Saveur, USA
"Finding lost flavours...", Publica, Portugal, 2007
"The original taste of chocolate...", BBC, UK
"The best chocolate in the world ...", BBC, UK + Expresso, Portugal 2007
"...One of the purest forms of cocoa production in the world...", Daily Telegraph, UK
"A rarely experienced refinement ...", Jean-Yves Loude, France
"Perfect balance...", La Madia, Italy, 2006
"A chocolate for people who like what is good in life...", Journal Chocolat
Il profumo del nostro caffè!
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Claudio Corallo

Photo of São Tomé

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