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After living in the plantation for more than 30 years, I've learnt to make the most of the resources and loathe any useless waste. Therefore, what I expect from our packaging is not to strike the fantasy or distract from the quality of its content but to protect the product, respect the environment and be cost effective.

Cocoa beans
A journey to the perfumes of the plantation. To me, this is ideal for those who love the purity and essence of flavours. Extremely mild and persistent, they tell the origin of our chocolate through their fresh vitality.
100 % cocoa (From Seminario Veronelli)
With great intensity taste and with a hint, this chocolate nearly bewilders us by its powerful impact and surprises us by its life and rare mildness.
The harmony of flavours and perfumes and the inexhaustible persistence tells us how much care, attention and experience the fruit has got.
80% Sablé
At first impact, it is possible to notice at once the strength of our cocoa while the crystallized sugar marries the flavour.
Chocolate with raisins and cocoa pulp in bitter liquor
A carefully chosen raisin is put to macerate for three months in the only liquor in the world extracted from the pulp of the recently harvested cocoa fruit. The intense flavour of this pure liquor that is intimately linked to the taste of the bean where it came from, takes us towards the discovery of exclusive and extraordinary new sensations.
3 Café au Chocolat Madness
Three ancient varieties of " Arabica " coffee grains, unique in gender - cultivated one next to the other in our plantation and worked in identical way - covered in the same chocolate, are separately presented to follow the gourmet into the discovery of unimaginable differences in flavour given by nearly extinct species and, henceforth, almost completely forgotten.
SOFT 70%
Has a mild but intense impact. The tiny bits of roasted cocoa beans infused in the paste enhance the flavour of the recently harvested cocoa.
Mild, engaging and elegant, it surprises us with its intensity and persistence.



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