The quality of our chocolate starts with the work in the plantation, just like the quality of the wine begins in the vineyard. From the pruning of the cacao trees to the grinding of the roasted beans, each step has to be done with care, passion and love. It is this love for what we are doing, that is our biggest secret.



Grown exclusively on our own plantation, the taste of our chocolate perfectly reflects the care we take of the trees, the soil and the environment in which we work. The purest form of our chocolate are the Big nibs raw , the selection of raw cocoa nibs, the roasted cocoa beans and the Big nibs roasted. Nothing is added nor subtracted. Exempt of bitterness, this 100% is not only the purest that can be found on the market, but it also gives birth to all our other products. If you love infusions, cold or hot, the roasted cocoa bean shells are the perfect match.



We keep our chocolate pure, with only the minimum number of ingredients. For a great chocolate you only need cacao, cacao butter and sugar. Sounds simple? Even with those 3 ingredients you can make endless variations. We offer three types. They differ in the percentage of sugar and the way they feel in your mouth. Our 80% is pure chocolate with crystals of sugar. At the first bite, you taste the chocolate and are struck by the texture of the whole sugar crystals. In our 73,5% the sugar is ground with the chocolate, but then we add slivers of cacao beans, which give the final product a nutty and crunchy taste. The third is the 75%. Smooth and velvety. Great for making hot chocolate, baking chocolate cakes or just a chocolaty bite.



Chocolate combines with a lot of ingredients. We have our own favorites that we offer you here. The basis is the same, 70% chocolate consisting of cacao, cacao butter and sugar. Claudio’s favorite is with candied ginger. It has a fresh taste, great in spring and summer. The alternative is a more classic combination with candied orange. With a glass of red wine a great choice is the chocolate with pepper & salt. The pepper is from our own plantation in Principe and has a tangy taste. The salt is a fleur de sel.
The ginger combination is also available in the form of Esferas. It is in the shape of candied ginger balls covered with our 100% cacao mass.


  Protected by the thick shell of the capsule, the pulp that covers the cacaobeans has the freshest and most exciting aroma I know. This pulp is so delicate and difficult to preserve that, in addition to being consumed fresh as a drink, it rarely finds any other use and is often discarded.
But itsdelicious smell made the thought of wasting it unbearable.At the beginning of 1997, despite the intense work on the plantation, in the calmest moments my thoughts returned to its scent. How to capture it? SoI tried with distillation.
After many tests I was awarded and obtained a distillate that, despite its 80% vol., kept the fragrant sweetness of the pulp of a freshly opened fruit.
To prepare our Ubric 1-probably the only chocolate in the world flavored with its own cacaopulp distillate -we macerate some raisins in the distillate at full alcoholic strength, as it comes out of the still.
After about two months of maceration, the raisins are drained and gently mixed with our 70% chocolate.
The Ubric 1 is the ideal delicacy for a unique dessert.As for all our chocolates: to make the most of all its aromas, Ubric 1 should be consumed at a temperature of around 28°C. When cutting it, it must be soft, it must not "crumble". To do this, simply follow the advice illustrated on the home page of our website.


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Claudio has over 40 years of experience with coffee. That's why he thought of combining coffee and chocolate.
Liberica is a blend of 70%-chocolate with a coffee species that Claudio grows on the Terreiro Velho plantation: the Liberica species. Liberica is ancient and very fragrant, but only little cultivated as low yielding and its grains, big and firm, must be husked by hand, one by one.
3 loucuras is the opportunity to compare the flavour of three ancient varieties of the Arabica species. The roasted beans are covered with 55%-chocolate. Each variety has a very different flavour, even when grown side by side on the Nova Moca plantation and transformed the same way (W).
Grani however offers the possibility to explore the impact that the different processing methods have on one and the same coffee.
Indeed, according to whether it was worked natural (N) or washed (W), its characteristics change and it shows distinctive aromas and flavours.
The 3 varieties of the Arabica species, Grani CAT, Grani BB and Grani NM, each transformed in both ways (W) and (N), give you the possibility to explore this on your own!



Imagine a coffee made of these 3 varieties of Arabica. In this coffee you taste the 40 years experience that Claudio has. It is called Claudio’s selection because these are the best beans he has ever worked with.





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