02 February 2017


By Miguel M. Costa

Far away into the deep blue Ocean, off the west coast of Africa, there is a tiny isolated island graced by fire and water, shades of green shining in the sun and mist: Principe, paradise for solitary souls, where nature is overwhelming yet gentle, powerful and sweet. Here, wild is happy. Many of the species found here are endemic, both on land and in the sea. Walking in the lush omnipresent forest, which in most places falls directly into the ocean, you may feel like you’ve reached Jurassic paradise, the belly of the World, where sustainable development still seems possible. Birds found here include Principe golden weaver, grey parrot, Principe sunbird, Principe malachite kingfisher rare Principe thrush. Most sandy beaches are important breeding grounds for three turtle species.
Marina Conti


Principe golden weaver: Ploceus princeps

This Principe golden weaver is having a busy day taking bird nest design to another level.


Principe kingfisher: Alcedo nais


A Principe kingfisher takes a rest in a breezy day. It is an endemic species you can find it near aquatic habitats or open areas, far from human activity.



A Cat story in Terreiro Velho

Two friends attentively watch a close by butterfly running her errands.



Great egret: Ardea alba


Near the old plantation house, great egrets competing for yummy worms and insects. The male selects the nest area, starts a nest and then attracts a female. The nest, made of sticks and lined with plant material, could be up to 3 feet across.



African grey parrot: Psittacus erithacus


A flash of color, an African grey parrot flies from the dense forests it favors. Beautiful and incredibly intelligent, the parrot is well-known for mimicking noises and human speech. It is also Principe’s mascot.



Senegal Dove: Spilopelia senegalensis


Perched on a branch, this Senegal Dove is cute and knows it.



Morcegos + Tecelão + Estorninho do Principe: Ploceus princeps, Lamprotornis ornatus


A gourmet bat fond of Claudio's cocoa fruits disturbs a Principe Starling and Principe Weaver, both endemic in STP.



All this beautiful films about the animals in the plantation “Terreiro Velho” were filmed by Miguel M. Costa who stayed with us in November 2016 for a week.
Miguel is a young cameraman that loves animals.
You can see more of his work here:



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